Kamil as a trainer has spent few years mentored by Coach Andrzej Roszkowski, one of the very few people who achieved PICP level 5 (Poliquin certified Master Coach).
Coach Charles Poliquin is arguably the most famous and successful Strength & Conditioning Coach in the World.

"Best Gym is where BEST PEOPLE are,
Top equipment is just a teaser"

Semi-Private Gym dedicaed to those who are serious about training, those who know very well what they're doing or those who ask their own Coach for guidance
Its almost impossible to lose motivation when Surrounded by motivated individuals

Powelifting Equipment
-12 professional bars specific to each lift and federation (Eleiko, Texas, Sport Kraft)
- 3 heavy duty racks with safety webbing and pegs for bands
- 3 comp benches with Face Savers
- 2 monolifts with safety ropes
- different weight chains & bands)
- concrete floor topped with anti-slip hard rubber matts
- adjustible boxes for partials and adjustible blocks for Deficit Deadlifts
-tons of weight plates , more than you need next to each station
- calibrated ELEIKO Competition Plates Set (+1000 Lbs)
-champion powerlifting coaching available

Weightlifing Equipment
-2 Eleiko competition bars
- wooden Jerk Blocks
-bumper plates
-separated Weightlifting Zone for better focus
-weightlifting coaching available

Strongman Equipment (logs, farmers, yoke, sled, prowler)
- 2 logs
- farmer walk "suitcases"
- Yoke
- pulling sled
- Push/pull Prowler
- axel bar
- easy access to the open air training on the concrete surface
-internal strongman training track
- strongman Classes also available

Professional Strength Training and REHAB equipment
-Olympic rings (low for dips and high for pull ups/muscle ups)
-3 multi angled pull up bars with optional "Fat-Gripz"
-dumbbels from 1 to 50kg PLUS dumbbell bars making almost any weight possible
-super solid adjutsible benches
-pulleys of all heights
-Glute-Ham Raise Machine
-Reverse Hyper Machine
-multitude of pulley attachments
-treatment room and sports therapy and Bodyfat Checks available
-Strength & Conditioning Coaching for various sports available

Special Bars
- Football Bar (especially useful for bad shoulders)
-Bow Bar AKA Buffalo Bar (increases range of motion on press, shoulder and elbow friendly for squats if you have mobility issues)
- Squat Safety Bar (mimics front squat mechanics, shoulder/elbow/wrist/neck friendly squat alternative)
-Heavy Duty Trap Bar (low back friendly deadlit/row/shrugs alternative allowing for more leg drive )
-EZ bar (wrist.elbow friendly arm training alternative)
-wrist roller (old school forearm training device)
- Injury Prevention Coaching available

Total of 22 working startions
Hi-End Internal Design giving very homely feel
Massive Free Car Park
Training CULTURE and legacy

Those intimidated by high standards NEED NO APPLY

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The Strength Therapy Gym and Team SILA
9 Choir Street Industrial Estate M7 1ZD Salford


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Address: Manchester, UK.